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Here you will find out more about the Clarus Fortior Leading Edge 121 Course and the products included. You can simply click the video or scroll through the page to get more information

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In the accordion below you will find all the products you will receive once choosing the Clarus Fortior Leading Edge 121 Course. To get even more information just scroll down the page to get an introduction into each individual program


Product 1

Leading Edge 121

In this 12 month Course you will receive a monthly LIVE training session of 2 hours, where you will be guided trough our main product subjects. Each month we are hitting a new subject to make sure your business excels in all areas

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Product 2

Another View & Clarus Fortior LIVE Online Networking 

Join like minded Business Owners at our monthly Networking Event. We have run many successful high quality Networking Events at incredible venues in London. We now have this as an Online option. Networking can be very effective method of meeting potential clients, employees, business partners and even the acquirer of your business. Our Online Networking Events are specifically designed to be effective, professional and fun.

Product 3

Another View & Clarus Fortior Business Tip Video Portal

The Forum is specifically designed for you to be able to communicate with the other delegates of the course, the course instructor and course guest speakers. This enables the group to really become worth more than the sum of it's parts. The reason for this is simply being able to tap in to experience both, good and bad of may other entrepreneurs who are making their way along their journey of success. We are sure that by jumping in to that forum delegates will create lifelong friendship and business relationships. We have seen these interactions leading to exciting business partnerships as well as the sharing of knowledge and experience. This is also an excellent space for you to post questions to your instructor. 

Product 4

Another View & Clarus Fortior LIVE monthly Webinar

The Another View & Clarus Fortior Webinars are an excellent way to gain knowledge and information in various fields of business. 

One of our esteemed guest speakers will join you live for a one hour session every month. We have chosen subjects that we believe are imperative to all businesses, large and small. 

For example having a PR strategy for your company is fundamental in terms of creating and prolonging your message. However this can be an extremely expensive option. On the PR Session we will be joined by the founder of Thinking Hat PR who have an excellent reputation and enjoy serving clients such as Amazon in the UK. This Session will give you the tools to create and implement a strategy for PR that you can install with your existing in-house team. 

The PR Session is just one example of the quality and value that you receive during the sessions. Other areas covered will include law, accounting, personal brand management, online marketing, etc. 

As an other example the Mindfulness Webinar for you and your team will be delivered by the Founder of Lead your Life, a company that regularly trains Microsoft employees. 


Leading Edge 121

£150 per hour

minimum package of 5 hours (excl. VAT)

  • Leading Edge 121 Course
  • Another View & Clarus Fortior LIVE Online Networking
  • Another View & Clarus Fortior Business Tip Video Portal
  • Another View LIVE monthly Webinar
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