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Clarus Fortior

The Clarus Fortior programmes are for ambitious business owners who want support to grow, acquire or sell their business. We evaluate every potential member to ensure that the Clarus Fortior programme can add value and help you achieve your business goals. Only one discipline is allowed per group to prevent any conflicts of interest and to help maximise your return. We seek to put together a group of like-minded business owners, who have similar plans and aspirations and understand the challenges and isolation of operating in an increasingly demanding world.

Clarus Fortior Products

""I enjoyed working with Clarus Fortior. Kevin Ronaldson gave me the roadmap to scale my business more efficiently and Grant Goss helped me put my learnings into action. If you want to work with a team who will tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear, you will enjoy working with Clarus Fortior!""

Flavilla Fongang
Creative Brand Specialist

Another View Retreats

Another View Retreats was founded from a passion to encourage business owners to take time out of their usual schedules and the noise of their normal life. The process supports the owner to create a space of presence for them and their teams. The space created is therefore extremely beneficial to the creative process of developing new plans and directions for their businesses. 

Due to the success of these programmes, Another View Retreats has now began to create additional services and products for their clients.

Another View Products

""Working with Grant enabled me to fully focus on my business and where I would like to take it. He has a warm yet challenging way to get you to think not just about your business but also about yourself. Time spent with Grant is worth more than you can imagine. Just do it!""

Kish Modasia
Founder Lead Your Life

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