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Reviews of past events

Upcoming Events for Members

27th January 2021

Alumni Event

Starting at 4pm UK time

11th February 2021

Webinar with Julian Fox

Online Identity Management

11th March 2021

Webinar with Marlene Lindmair

Systemic perspectives in business organisations

15th April 2021

Webinar with David Brookes

How to raise your brand's profile

13th May 2021

Webinar with Bruno Spacaj

Business Process Outsourcing Solutions

10th June 2021

Webinar with

Shankar Devarashetty

Business Accounting Solutions

15th July 2021

Webinar with Richard Thompson

Tax incentives for innovative companies

12th August 2021

Webinar with Davor Buklijas

Expanding your business network      via Linkedin

9th September 2021

Webinar with Kish Modasia

Key Leadership Attributes

14th October 2021

Webinar with

Dr. Haytham El-Doueik

Protecting your immune system

11th November 2021

Webinar with Paul Prescott

How to create your own video content

9th December 2021

Webinar with Jodi Goldman

Impact and Influence

13th January 2022

Webinar with Karen Holden

How should a business prepare for
investment or sale

Upcoming Events open to public

28th January -

Fast Start Webinar

Let us help you prepare for a successful 2021.

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9th February -

Networking Event

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Reviews of Previous Events

10th December

Webinar with Jodie Goldman

Impact and Influence


"I really enjoyed your webinar, thank you so much. It was really insightful and fun." - Natasha


8th December

Networking Event


"Thanks for today, it was such a nice relaxed vibe and a fab group of people.
Thanks again for inviting us to join!"
- Claire


"Really enjoyed earlier, very good format. I actually preferred the format to normal networking as I usually get stuck with someone
and am too nice to jog them on!
Kind regards" - Jon


"Tony and I Just had a zoom meeting from a contact I met from the Clarus networking
event… so thanks for that!
Looking forward to the next event already...
Cheers" -  Matthew


7th December

Top Tips Webinar


"Thanks a lot for the invite to the meeting yesterday.
I did manage to attend, thanks and found the discussion interesting - I hope it was a success for you.
All the best" - Peter


"I thought that today was excellent - thank you. I love business development and hearing (and building on) peoples ideas - it reinvigorates your determination.
Thank you" - Matt


12th January

Networking Event


"Was my first virtual networking event and I’ll be honest it was better than being in a F2F event!

Tajana handled it all like a pro, was SEAMLESS. Here’s to her, as I know it’s not easy to do this type of thing."
- Christina Christoforou