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Leading Edge Business Elevation

Here you will find out more about the Clarus Fortior Leading Edge Business Elevation Course and the products included. You can simply click the video or scroll through the page to get more information.

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In the accordion below you will find all the products you will receive once choosing the Clarus Fortior Business Elevation Course. To get even more information just scroll down the page to get an introduction into each individual programme.

Product 1

Leading Edge Business Elevation

This Clarus Fortior programme is for ambitious business owners who want support to grow, acquire or sell their business.

We evaluate every potential member to ensure that the Clarus Fortior programme can add value and help you achieve your business goals.

We seek to put together a group of like-minded business owners, who have similar plans and aspirations and understand the challenges and isolation of operating in an increasingly demanding world.

Leading Edge Business Elevation is a one-year training programme that can be joined at any point in the year. The 12 modules - each a live half day intensive online session, or face to face where appropriate, take place exactly as they would in a real training room scenario. You have the opportunity to interact and ask questions, plus, the added benefit of being able to network, pose questions, attend expert webinars and be part of our twice yearly networking online event. Delivery of the 12 modules is as a rolling set, meaning the flexibility to build your training schedule in a way that’s convenient for you and your business. 

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PR & Social Media + Sales Recruitment
Raising Capital + Sales Management
Staff Motivation + Key Performance Indicators
Empowering Staff + Closing
Technology + Forming Partnerships
Exits + Lead Generation
Recruitment & Team Management + Sales Process
Risk / Opportunity + Generating Referrals
Business Planning + Constant Operational Themes
Cashflow + The Sales Plan
Board & Shareholders + Managing Sales
Outsourcing + Effective Networking

Product 2

Clarus Fortior LIVE Networking

We are proudly sponsored by various institutions and have been able to hold events across the World, often in prestigious Capital City venues such as Drummonds Private Bank, HSBC headquarters in Canary Wharf London, Child and Co Private Bank and several prestigious law firms with a global presence. This has enabled us to be able to create some incredible networking events in wonderful settings, for our clients and indeed the clients of our clients.

These events intended for around 100 guests, and we strive to make them as productive as possible for all attendees in terms of creating opportunities for their respective companies.

We hold two of these prestigious events per year and look forward to seeing you there. However, Due to Covid 19 restrictions such events are subject to change and have recently been held online.


Leading Edge Business Elevation

$ 770 per month

12 monthly payments (excl. GST)

  • Leading Edge Business Elevation Course
  • Clarus Fortior LIVE Networking
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Leading Edge Business Elevation

$ 7825 per year

One payment (excl. GST)

  • Leading Edge Business Elevation Course
  • Clarus Fortior LIVE Networking
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Leading Edge Business Elevation

$ 930 single session

One off payment (excl. GST)

  • Leading Edge Business Elevation one Session 
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