To get an understanding of how we do our business and what we are all about. Our customers opinion and voice is what we go by.

Jay Sahota

Senior Partner
Jarmans Solicitors

"Grant and Kevin’s unique combination of business experience, intelligence, insight, knowledge and commerciality means that they are brilliant at helping to improve all aspects of a company, from people to strategy to finances. I recommend them highly."

Alison Steward

Head of Creative Service

Pad Creative Ltd

"I cannot thank Kevin and Grant at Clarus Fortior and Another View Retreats enough for such a great coaching and networking experience. With 12 months of 1 to 1’s and monthly meet ups, our 12 months concluded with the most amazing eye opening 2 day off site in Austria. Grant’s input has been invaluable and I feel like the sales and operations have been fully examined under a microscope for the first time. Refreshed and renewed we are looking forward to driving the plan forwards with realistic targets. The trip gave us all a sense of calm and clarity, for business and personal goals, something incredibly special and hard to find in today’s world."

Matt Rook

Managing Director,


Working with Grant and Kevin over the past year has been a fantastic experience, and is already significantly changing the way we run our business for the better. Not only do they both bring a wealth of experience and business acumen to the course, they're decent, trustworthy and savvy. A winning combination.

Flavilla Fongang

Creative Brand Specialist
3 Colours Rule

"I enjoyed working with Clarus Fortior. Kevin Ronaldson gave me the roadmap to scale my business more efficiently and Grant Goss helped me put my learnings into action. If you want to work with a team who will tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear, you will enjoy working with Clarus Fortior!"

Peter Jacobs

Pad Creative Ltd

"Pad have hugely benefited from Grant and Kevin's continued business development input over the last few years. We have expanded our investment and now use their FD support services too - I highly recommend them. It saves you time and money in the long run, just wished we started working together even sooner!"

Kish Modasia

Founder Lead your Life
"Working with Grant enabled me to fully focus on my business and where I would like to take it. He has a warm yet challenging way to get you to think not just about your business but also about yourself. Time spent with Grant is worth more than you can imagine. Just do it!"

David Beer

Retired Vice President
Shell International

"I have observed Grant in action on several occasions and it is clear that he is a most effective consultant / coach / business friend. He has a raft of business experience and he shares it with his clients in a quiet, yet focused manner. He does not create unrealisable expectations like many other consultants, but lets the results speak for themselves.

Grant’s Retreat programme combines fun with relaxation enabling rapid learning and acknowledgement of key business issues to address. The follow up 121 video sessions are relentless, ensuring agreed actions are carried out and, if necessary, modified.

The personal and business benefits far exceed the cost of the programme and, as an alumnus, you will belong to a lifelong community of like-minded business leaders, with whom additional value will be mutually created."

Jon Garrard

Pad Creative Ltd

"I couldn't recommend the retreat more highly. We’ve been in business for nearly 20 years and really needed to take a fresh look at everything. Grant brought a huge amount of insight into every corner of our business – finance, sales, operations, people and more. Helping us work out what’s important, what isn’t, and where the opportunities might lie. We now have a solid plan for the year ahead, and beyond. I can’t wait to get it into action.  The retreat was really well paced and made great use of the stunning location. A brilliant experience – I really wish we had done this years ago!"

David Brooks

Managing Director

Thinking Hat PR

"I cannot recommend the off-site planning session with Grant highly enough. He helped us see our own business in a completely new light and we came away buzzing with ideas that translated (almost immediately) into new client wins. The two days we spent with Grant was almost like a business therapy session - he listened to our issues and challenges and gave candid but very actionable recommendations that we have put into practice. It was tough, but also hugely energising and we came away feeling focused, invigorated and ready to take on the world."

Damien Brown

Creative Director

The Arc Centre

"Choosing to go on the off-site with Grant has turned out to be one of the best choices I've made for the business, taking time out in nature and looking over all aspects of the business with Grant's guidance has left us with a clear view of what we need to do moving forward and provided us with key points to address and new areas in which to focus. 

Grant's wealth of knowledge and experience is apparent throughout and his positive attitude and support can be felt from the get-go. Saying that he has no problem asking the difficult questions that need to be asked for the business to move forward. 

Grant's plan, do, review mantra will play a huge role in how we operate the business and also my life my moving forward. I would recommend Grant to any business owner in a heartbeat."

"The akashic reading was scarily accurate and provided great insight into my purpose, life goals and relationships. The reading was delivered in a professional, friendly and non woo woo manner with the messages coming through loud and clear. I'm excited about what the future holds and feel more confident and focussed then I have in the past. I highly recommend getting a reading with Grant!"


Caroline Duff 

Director of Ammonite Wealth

Winner of the "Women of the Future" award

"Grant and Kevin have offered us an enormous amount of support while working with us over the past year.  Not only have we learnt a great deal from their experience and acumen, but we have also benefited from their mentorship and advice to help overcome the challenges that go with being a start-up (and one operating in a pandemic!).  We’re stronger as a business and a team as a result."

Robert Harradine 

Director of Ammonite Wealth

"The team at Clarus Fortior are highly experienced and deeply care about the businesses they decide to work with. Kevin and Grant have “been there and got the T-shirt” and not matter what you are trying to achieve as a business, it's empowering to know they are there to support you. From start ups to seasoned  businesses, the ROI this group offers is phenomenal."

Smiley faces - Highlight of the Board meeting

Jin Sun, Operations Director, eFoldi