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Leading Edge Business Elevation Plus

Here you will find out more about the Clarus Fortior Leading Edge Business Elevation Plus Programme. Please scroll through the page to get more information.

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Leading Edge Business Elevation Plus


Leading Edge Business Elevation Plus is designed to not only give you all the tools and knowledge to grow and develop your business to the next level in conjunction with a group of your entrepreneurial peers, but to also allow for hands on practical guidance and implementation.

One of the real issues that business owners grapple with is making the best use of good ideas and not being swamped day to day by the competing demands of running a business whilst also trying to implement change. The road to success is not just paved with good intentions, it also requires real help and support to make change happen!

With Leading Edge Business Elevation Plus we are there from the word go to support you in this programme of change and growth:

  • Initial full day in depth onsite meeting to understand your business
  • A monthly morning meeting programme with other business owners to review and explore live business opportunities
  • A monthly 1:1 meeting outside of the programme to discuss individual business change and implementation
  • Invitations to all Clarus Fortior networking events and to the Alumni programme

We look forward to supporting you and helping you on your journey - it is lonely being in charge and we want to help you spread the load and the responsibility.

Leading Edge Business Elevation Plus

$ 1290 per month

12 montly payments (excl. GST)

  • Experienced support to help you grow your business
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