15th July 2021

Tax incentives for innovative companies


On July 15th we will begin our Webinar "Tax incentives for innovative companies" with Richard Thompson, please read more about him below.

Richard Thompson


Richard Thompson lifts the veil of mystery surrounding Government funding for Innovation and Intellectual Property Commercialisation for SME businesses in any UK sector. Richard has an extensive background within grant funding, growth hubs and local enterprise partnerships and more recently as a specialist within R&D tax credits and the patent box at the market leading firm GovGrant.

Over £200 million of benefit has been generated for GovGrant clients over the past 15 years and in this webinar Richard will lift the lid on the range of innovation incentives available, how to access them and the key attributes of a robust and optimised claim. We will also delve into the world of intellectual property, flipping the conversation from protection to commercialisation and the benefits that this can bring to your business.



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